Solar Energy

Solar Energy offers Single Tools to Turn-key Solutions in the Solar Energy (Photo voltaic) Industry.

Our core services:

  • Building and Facilities
  • Production Tools
  • Solar Cell Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Start up

Our experience in the Semiconductor Industry, has given us a head start in the Photo-voltaic Industry. Photovoltaic process

We are experienced and efficient in:

  • Definition of and optimal process sequence of the production
  • Process integration
  • Utilities and Infrastructure planning
  • Facility Planning and Layout


Our engineers will assist in planning and installing:

  • Emitter diffusion
  • SiN-AR-Coating, including H+ Passivation
  • Surface Passivation
  • Metallization
  • Si-Deposition

We place great importance on delivering quality and long term success to our clients. – Added value:

  • Incoming Wafer Inspection
  • Equipment Stability
  • Inline Monitoring
  • Handling Concept
  • Staff Qualification/Training


SOLAR CELL SOLAR PANEL PHOTO-VOLTAIC SYSTEM will design, build and technology transfer for our clients in the PV cell and PV module industry.



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