Pharmaceutical will help you execute your plan, from development through delivery, so that you reach your objectives quickly and efficiently.

Our full-time consultants are committed to the success of your most complex initiatives. Working onsite, at your business, they seamlessly integrate into your teams, using their leadership skills, experience, and objectivity to identify risks and pitfalls and ensure your project goals align with your strategy. consultants will help you turn your strategy into an actionable plan, with the processes and tools you need to accomplish your goals and sustain performance even after’s work is complete. Pharmaceutical services include:

  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Execution
  • Commissioning and Validation
  • Qualification


Our services cover the Pharmaceutical and API Industries:


 API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

 Facility Construction

 Multi Product Facilities

 Clean Rooms

 Reactor Systems

 Material Handling

 Building Systems

 Warehouse Storage

 Utility Systems

 Dry Processing

 PW Systems


 CIP Systems


 Tank Farm Storage

 Wet Processing

 API Finishing Areas

 Purified Water Systems

 Clean Rooms

 CIP Systems and Cleaning Systems

 Process Units

 Utility Systems

 Peripheral Support Systems helps ensure high quality and regulatory compliance by translating, planning, and executing strategies to achieve successful submissions, ensure agency compliance, and re-mediate identified issues.

Networking and Integration: 

We have experience in Pharmaceutical and API projects with US-FDA and/or European regulatory requirements.


Pharmaceutical project services – packages: 

Turn-key Service – Full responsibility for all project implementations. 

Task Force Service  Experienced team in charge of various project functions and disciplines according to the needs of the project and client. 

Management Consulting Service – Service providing Project Management Support to client’s team. 

Owner Representative Service – Service acting on behalf of the client (owner) during a project with any combination of parties (Engineering, Construction, LSTK, EPCM). 


Pharmaceutical Services Brochure. PDF 

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