Natural Gas

Natural Gas specializes in:

Transport and distribution management services 
Establishment of projects
Facilities Operations & Maintenance

with experience in:

  • Project Management (local distribution stations and pipe-lines)
  • Multi disciplinary construction service
  • Cold and hot flow (Commissioning)
  • Full engineering services during construction
  • Coordination with authorities and various gas suppliers
  • Localization Projects
  • Exploratory and infrastructure mapping, including cross-sections
  • Welding supervision, permits and procedures
  • Developing and providing unique solutions
  • Licensing and coordination with authorities and infrastructure service
  • Installation of equipment and customer service
  • Document Control service
  • Complete safety service
  • QC, QA procedures service
  • Authority permits and ‘As build’ port-folios
  • Support for all types of required pipe inspections
  • Surveys, including estimates




We offer:

Turn-key Service
Full responsibility for complete project: starting with survey, to construction/installation and operation.

Project management and construction service
We perform management and supervision service following customer’s requirements, including quality and safety issues.

Supervision and Control Service
Providing supervision and monitoring services in all professions; including full quality control, procedures and document control

Natural Gas – related services
Providing all necessary services for projects of highest quality and meeting stringent international standard.

Providing solutions provides innovative development and solutions, including representation of international companies.


Our company specializes in high-standard work most complex projects.
We present full coordination of all professions involved in a project: plumbing, civil, electrical and control systems, while keeping future maintenance and operation in mind.
We bring vast experience to the projects, including knowledge and support of international companies specializing in the field.
With us you will receive all the solutions and services that you are looking for in the management and establishment of a project, including analysis and logistics all the way to delivery, gas flow and operation.

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