BIM, 3D, Survey & Modelling

BIM, 3D, Survey & Modelling is the leading company in High Accuracy Survey services in Israel.

We presently provide the surveys in support for fully automated Tool install projects in the semiconductor industry. We use the most accurate instruments available on the market.

In recent years we added 3D scanning to our services, including modelling and clash detection. 3D laser scanning is a fast and safe way to capture as-built information needed for design, inspection, and monitoring. Together with our BIM approach, we can provide all needed elements for as-built 3D surveys. 

We create industry standard maps from the point clouds.

We specialize in pre-construction and construction as-built documentation in 3D, including laser scanning, post processing and building information modelling (BIM) for construction. 

We provide TruViews of every scan, allowing our clients to virtually visit the site and take measurements from the desk.

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