Document Control, Procedures & URS

Document Control, Procedures & URS

Meticulous documentation is a key function of project management. is meticulous in keeping and archiving all documents, such as engineering drawings, inspection instructions, confidentiality agreements, material specifications, etc.

Document Control

A robust document control process lies at the heart of a quality management system. Almost every aspect of auditing and compliance verification is determined through the scrutiny of documented evidence.


Well-written procedures help you improve the quality of work within your organization, help you reduce the number of errors and omissions, and help new people perform complex tasks quickly and effectively.

While policies guide the way people make decisions, procedures show the “how to’s” for completing a task or process. has experience in preparing written procedures.

User Requirement Specifications (URS) is experienced in URS (User Requirements Specifications) and Work Procedure research and preparation. These are the documents which set the base for all following project decisions, and will determine the feasibility and the success of the project.

A URS will include specifications: Mechanical demands, electrical, instrumentation, operator control, technical documentation, EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety Requirements), drawing requirements,  process flow requirements, scope of work, equipment / process, validation and QA requirements, and more.


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