Conceptual Design & Project Program

Conceptual Design & Project Program is skilled in preparing comprehensive Conceptual Design and Project Programs, providing the baseline for project planning.

We take your ideas into account and evaluate, together with you, the pros and cons of implementing those ideas.

A project program is essential to minimize the likelihood of error, to manage costs, to assess risks, and evaluate the potential success of the intended project.

Included in the Project Program:

Degree of automation – depending on the application being considered, automation may or may not be appropriate. Determining the amount of automation in the project will help determine equipment, labor costs, layout, and design.

Parameters – for example: production levels, amount of equipment, materials and automation. Determining key rates and parameters will have great effect on overall project costs and timeline.

Material specifications – Not all materials work well together, or can withstand the physical application. A basic engineering discipline is determining materials of construction, material compatibility etc.

Standards and guidelines – every industry has standards and guidelines, and many industries are regulated. Any equipment, production facilities, manufacturing lines etc. developed for these industries must meet these standards and regulations and can have major impact on costs/time to project completion.

Assumptions, Exclusions, and potential problems – we seeks to identify potential problems, assumptions or exclusions that could affect the project during execution. Identifying these during the front-end planning stage so they can be accounted for, is the goal.


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