Clean Room Projects

Clean Room Projects

Design, Engineering & Construction is proficient in design, engineering, and construction of clean rooms. We are one-stop source for the successful implementation of any clean room development project from concept to completion.

With extensive industry knowledge enables organizations to successfully implement their clean room projects, on time and within budget.

Design and Build Package

Design and build is a project delivery method where both the design and construction of the clean room is contracted and managed by a single source.

As the single point of contact responsible for the successful implementation of the entire clean room project, our clients receive a complete project scope and total cost before the project begins. 


  • Saves Time – Less time and fewer meetings required throughout the project
  • Saves Money – Clients know the true construction costs upfront allowing them to efficiently manage their budgets
  • Provides Piece of Mind – Clients select the clean room solution that best suits their unique needs


  • Develop Drawings and Cleanroom Specifications
  • Manage all Material Procurements
  • Perform Site Staging
  • Ongoing Onsite Supervision
  • Coordinate Building Inspections
  • Manage Subcontractors
  • Project Management
  • Perform Final Balance, Test and Certification
  • Manage all Final Inspections
  • Complete all Final Documentation


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