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Welcome to is a leading company in the Semiconductor Industry, specializing in Planning, Design, and Construction of Nano Centers, Clean Rooms, and Fab Facility design and Tool Install projects.
We also specialize in multi-system projects and facilities installations in the Pharmaceutical, Solar energy and Natural Gas industries, in Israel and abroad.
We place strong significance on our customers, in order to understand their needs and to build the best project within the Budget and Schedule available, and comply with the highest quality standards. is a medium sized company. Our Engineers, Managers and other staff have accumulated extensive experience in their specialized fields, and are best equipped to provide the highest quality service in all technical, logistic and managerial aspects.
We carry out projects of all types, from Turn-key (EPC) to Consulting and Owner Representation projects.
We are committed to success, throughout all stages of the project.
We will be happy to supply further information, upon request.


Our goal is to bring the level of our work to the highest standards prevailing in the industry.

We take pride in Quality Work.


Our clients receive the most attentive and knowledgeable service in the industry. Serving our clients is our professional and personal interest. We are committed to our clients’ success.


Our documentation methodology is clear and meticulous. Our experience shows that complete and accurate Document Control of any project, are key to project success and proper future maintenance. 

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